Small Changes, Huge Impact

Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that create the most buzz.

In the case of Dorrich Dairy in Glenwood, Minnesota, innovation comes in the form of tiny wasp larvae. The six-legged insects may be small, but they’re having a huge impact controlling the farm’s fly population, improving cow comfort, minimizing the use of pesticides and reducing the 400-cow operation’s impact on the environment. Read more

Hansen Dairy_left

Dairy Sweethearts Lend a Helping Hand

Dairy farmers Dave and Jerilyn Hansen in Irene, South Dakota, fell in love as high school sweethearts more than four decades ago, and over the course of time, have built a family and a dairy and contributed endlessly to mission work reflecting the strength of that love. Read more

Hinckley Holsteins_Right

Farm Family of the Year

Dale and Marlys Hinckley have spent the last 30 years building their business from the ground up, and today, it is obvious Hinckley Holsteins has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Recently named Minnesota’s Dairy Farm Family of the Year, the Hinckleys use state-of-the-art technology and family collaboration to care for their 400 dairy cows, their community and the environment. For example, to conserve energy and improve cow comfort, the Hinckleys installed LED lights in the free stall barn. A robotic feeder monitors cow growth and wellness. And that’s not all. Read more