100 Reasons to Love Dairy

Posted on June 22, 2015 by Stephanie Cundith, RD

100 reasons to love dairy
How do I love dairy? Let’s count the ways. I love dairy farmers, the people who work hard every day to produce safe and wholesome milk. Speaking of milk, I love how 8-ounces provides nine essential nutrients and costs, on average, only 25 cents. About those nutrients: For me as a runner, I love how dairy foods — including milk, cheese and yogurt — deliver protein to help my muscles recover and carbohydrates to restore my energy; and for my son as a growing nine year old, I love how dairy delivers calcium and vitamin D to strengthen his bones and teeth. But enough about me!

In celebration of 2015 being the National Dairy Council Centennial commemorating 100 years of dairy research and education, and June being National Dairy Month, I’ve invited some of my favorite registered dietitians and dairy farmers to share the love by collectively listing their 100+ reasons to love dairy.

Chere Bork; Chere Bork, MS, RDN

Cow Spots and Tales; Lisa Reeck

Dairy Dine & Dish, Jennifer Holle

Dairy Good Life, Sadie Frericks

Down-to-Earth Dietitian; Jen Haugen, RD, LD

Little House on the Dairy; Adriane Heins

My Barnyard View; Janet Bremer

Myplate2yours; Lynn Dugan, MS, RD

New Day Dairy; Lynn Bolin

Nutrition Know How; Cindy Brison, MS, RD

Nutritional Noshes; Anne Cundiff, RD

Sound Bites; Melissa Joy Dobbins, MS, RDN, CDE

Spotted Cow Review, Susan Anglin

This RD Eats; April Graff, MS, RD, LD

Why do you love dairy? Share a reason in our comments section for a chance to win a copy of The Dairy Good Cookbook. One winner will be randomly selected on Tuesday, July 21.

Stephanie Cundith, RD
About Stephanie Cundith, RD
As a registered dietitian and nutrition spokesperson for Midwest Dairy Council, I work on behalf of dairy farmers to communicate the benefits of dairy nutrition. In addition to Dairy Makes Sense, I am a blogger for The Dairy Report. Full [email protected]
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