4 Proven Health Benefits of Milk


White food items are often asked to be avoided after a certain age, letting no margin for the deadly diseases to take over the human body. Milk is also among them, but the same diet wouldn’t go for the kids as they need to consume this natural product for better health. However, some others who are lactose intolerant wouldn’t take milk. There is surely some grey area to this white liquid, but it indeed helps the human body achieve more strength. It is so nutrient-rich that it can aid everyone, even in the hardest blows. Female mammals produce milk to feed their young, and it is said that mother’s milk is essential to build the fundamental strength within you. The milk of goats, cows, and sheep are the most commonly used types. Here are some of the proven health benefits of consuming milk.

1.      Nutrient-Rich Drink

One of the most impressive features of milk is its nutritional profile. It doesn’t come as a surprise because milk is designed to nourish newborn babies and animals. So, your health indeed gets boosted with each shot of milk you take. A cup of whole cow’s milk will contain around 146 grams of calories, 8 grams of protein and fat each, 24% of the RDA of Vitamin D, 28% of the RDA of calcium, 18% of the RDA of Vitamin B12, and 26% of the RDA of Riboflavin. It also has sufficient amounts of selenium, potassium, and phosphorous. All these nutrients will reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.


2.      Great Source of Quality Protein

Many vital functions in your body take place due to the effect of proteins. They would help develop and grow the body, immune system, and cellular repair abilities. All nine essential amino acids are present in milk since it is a “complete protein.” The high-quality proteins found in milk are whey and casein protein. Around 70%-80% of the total protein content in cow’s milk comprises casein, and whey constitutes only around 20%. Both these proteins will help in lowering the risk of age-related muscle loss.


3.      Better Bone Health

Healthy bones have always been associated with the habit of drinking milk. The powerful combination of all nutrients aid in this better bone development. People with broken bones have also found milk to greatly impact the regrowth of those areas. Bone diseases like osteoporosis can also be prevented by consuming milk. Studies have proved that bone loss can be protected against with the proteins and calcium present in a cup of milk.

Bone Health

4.      Prevents Weight Gain

Lower risk of obesity is another guaranteed benefit of milk. You can experience it only if you take whole milk because the other products may actually work in your body to lead to obesity if taken in excessive amounts. When taking whole milk, the high-protein content will prevent you from overeating.

4 Proven Health Benefits of Milk

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