The Dairy Good Cookbook Celebrates Farmers and our Love of Food

Posted on May 22, 2015 by Sami Carter

The Dairy Good Cookbook
My adventures in the kitchen, both intentional and not, have given me a reputation with friends and family. The best stories are from when I used YouTube to look up how to dice a tomato for the office potluck lunch, and confused a clove of garlic with a bulb while making marinated cheese. In spite of my culinary challenges, I will continue to press on like the little engine that could – I think I can and also very simply, I love food.

Working for dairy farmers has enhanced my appreciation for and interest in food, especially dairy foods. Dairy foods deliver incomparable nutrition, value and taste! When you get to know so many farmers, like I have the pleasure of knowing, it’s just natural that you talk about enjoying food. And, dairy farmers know what they’re doing in the kitchen – 97% percent of U.S. farms are family owned. Farmers are often making meals for multiple generations at a time, and these meals must include hearty fixins’ for their family’s long days. There’s no 9-5 in dairy farming.

I’m excited about a new book that celebrates the hardworking families who bring dairy foods to our table, and the unique tastes and versatility of dairy with all the ways dairy makes recipes dairy good. I’ve been pouring over The Dairy Good Cookbook: Everyday Comfort Food from America’s Dairy Farm Families, and I’m in awe of the photographs, recipes and stories.

This book is a sneak peek into life on today’s dairy farms. Have you ever wandered about what life is like on a dairy farm? Each chapter celebrates one of six different types of dairy cows and profiles dairy farm families from across the country. Recipes are organized around a “typical” dairy farmer’s day, beginning from sunrise through afternoon chores and night-time desserts. More than 100 delicious recipes are directly from or inspired by America’s nearly 47,000 dairy farm families.

The Dairy Good Cookbook has a strong Midwest connection too! Nine farm families from Midwest Dairy Association’s 10-state area are featured in the cookbook. Farmers include:

Ryan and Susan Anglin, Triple A Farms of Bentonville, Ark.; recipe – pumpkin pie squares with cinnamon-sugar yogurt topping (page 192)
Karen Bohnert, Bohnert Jerseys of East Moline, Ill.; recipe – triple-layer chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream (page 202)
Paul and Cindy Heins, Heins Dairy Farm of Higginsville, Mo.; recipe – tail waggin’ dog biscuits (page 125)
Andrew and Jennifer Holle, Northern Lights Dairy of Mandan, N.D.; introduction (page 15)
Bill and Merri Post, Middleroad Acres of Chandler, Minn.; recipe – vanilla eggnog (page 119)
Lance and Jonna Schutte, Jolane Dairy of Monona, Iowa; recipe – chunky baked potato chowder (page 235)
Marcia Shaver-Floyd, Mysha Farm of St. Anthony, Iowa; award-winning cow – Milking Shorthorn breed (page 241)
Lucas and Alise Sjostrom, Jer-Lindy Farms of Brooten, Minn.; farmer profile (page 163)
Chris Sukalski, Reiland Farms of LeRoy, Minn.; recipe – Parmesan chicken fettuccine (page 130)
In a special connection, Midwest Dairy’s own Kathleen Cuddy shares her family tradition and recipe with beer-cheese fondue recipe (page 225). And, I have my own personal connection to the cookbook. My mother, Karen, and her recipe for Sunday cheesecake (page 188) is featured as well. Mom has always been my number one fan as I work on my cooking and baking skills. We will enjoy making many of these recipes together for years to come. I’ve always felt time in the kitchen with a loved one is icing on the … cheesecake!

The Dairy Good Cookbook makes its appearance in book and other retail stores across the country June 2, 2015 – just in time to celebrate National June Dairy Month and the 100th anniversary of the dairy farmer-founded National Dairy Council®. Pre-order now to help celebrate the people behind the great-tasting milk, cheese, yogurt and other delicious dairy foods we all know and love!

What’s the first recipe you want to make from The Dairy Good Cookbook?

Sami Carter
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